How to Paint Furniture White – Ultimate Guide

how to paint furniture white

Using paint on furniture can be tricky if you don’t know the rules, when it comes to painting furniture white the rules are pretty strict if you don’t want to make any major mistakes. So, how do you paint furniture white? The easiest way to paint furniture white is to first scuff the surface with … Read more

How to Paint Furniture Black – Ultimate Guide

how to paint furniture black

After painting many pieces of furniture, I came across a few photos where people were using black paint to bring old furniture back to life. It really got me thinking, is there a certain way how to paint furniture black? The easiest way how to paint furniture black is to first sand your piece of … Read more

How to Spray Paint Cabinet Hardware | See My Results

modern black kitchen handles spray painted

There wasn’t much information out there for me when researching how to spray paint cabinet hardware black. I decided to video my process of painting my 29 kitchen cabinet pulls. Not only is the video available for you to watch but I am listing off a complete written guide on how to spray paint kitchen … Read more