How to Clean Chalk Paint from Paint Brushes

cleaning chalk paint from a brush under running water

In 1990, Annie Sloan developed chalk paint which has become extremely popular within the last 30 years. Chalk paint is known to have a more matte finish, its name explains it pretty well, the surface almost feels as if it was chalked. It has been a recommended product to apply over old furniture to create … Read more

Discoloration in Wood Underneath Old Hardware

uneven and discoloration under hardware or drawer pulls

When refinishing old furniture I come into contact with new issues regularly that I have never seen or heard of before. Yeah, it can be frustrating, annoying, and overall disappointing. Your initial plans either need tweaking or complete changes. What I have come across now on 2 different projects is having discoloration in the wood … Read more

Does Gilding Wax Need to be Sealed?

seal gilding wax

Gilding furniture with wax is simply a process where you apply a thin coat of wax to create a unique finish to your furniture. Typically they are found in colors that are metallic, such as gold, silver, bronze, and so on. It’s best when you apply gilding wax to detailed pieces of furniture where it … Read more

10 Best Sanders for Furniture Refinishing in 2023

sander on a piece of furniture

When it comes down to refinishing furniture having a good quality sander is more important than you think. If you aren’t sanding things by hand, which takes forever by the way, you are going to sand with an electric sander. The question you probably have in mind is “what are the best sanders for furniture … Read more

How to Paint Furniture Black – Ultimate Guide

how to paint furniture black

After painting many pieces of furniture, I came across a few photos where people were using black paint to bring old furniture back to life. It really got me thinking, is there a certain way how to paint furniture black? The easiest way how to paint furniture black is to first sand your piece of … Read more