Cane Chairs Makeover | Step-by-Step Guide (With Video)

caen chair makeover 4 chairs

I finally found some vintage cane chairs at the thrift store for $4.99 each. There were 4 chairs all in great condition, they had a bit of a wobble, but overall no serious damages. I was also surprised the old cane webbing was still in great shape, not one chair back was ripped! However, it … Read more

How to Install Hairpin Legs on Furniture (With Photos)

install hairpin legs to furniture

There is no need to throw out old furniture, there must be a way to save and bring it back to life, right? Adding hairpin legs to furniture is a simple and low costing option that turns old furniture into modern furniture. There’s more to it than just adding the hairpin legs, but with a … Read more

How To Whitewash A Dining Table (With 10 Steps)

how to whitewash furniture

Whitewashing a dining table can be an easy or a difficult project, it depends on how you approach it. There are many different ways you can whitewash furniture, but today I want to bring you through the steps I followed to get my whitewashed dining table. In simple terms, whitewashing means to create a washed … Read more

How to Paint and Stain Furniture Grey (With Video)

painting and staining furniture grey

Another nightstand makeover! I found this vintage nightstand at the thrift store for $25 dollars, I know that’s a little pricey for the condition and size but I thought I could really bring it back to life. I chose a grey paint and also a grey stain, so I am going to teach you the … Read more

How To Make An Old Coffee Table Look New? (With Video)

If you have ever thought about doing a DIY project choosing an old coffee table would be the perfect starting project. After doing so many projects, coffee tables are still so much fun! It is pretty crazy how a little bit of hard work can make an old coffee table look new and amazing. There … Read more

How To Paint A Nightstand White | 5 Easy Steps

paint nightstand white

I purchased a cheap nightstand at the thrift store just to try some new things. It is wooden veneer and had some minor issues, it definitely needed some TLC. I decided I was going to do a fully painted white nightstand, I wanted to give this little nightstand an easy makeover. Painting furniture white is … Read more

Do It Yourself Refinishing Oak Kitchen Table & Chairs

This project was longer than most because chairs can take a bit of time. However, one thing to keep in mind is that a full dining set, including the chairs, is valuable to a buyers perspective. Why is that? Because imagine being the buyer and looking at buying a brand new solid wood table and … Read more

Antique White Dining Table Makeover/Flip | Step by Step

When it comes to flipping furniture painting it white is probably the quickest and easiest option. I bought this older antique style dining table on the Facebook marketplace for $15 and I planned to stain the top and paint the bottom white. However, I quickly realized the tabletop was laminate and my plans quickly changed. … Read more