Can You Stain Wood Black? (Step-by-Step Guide)

When choosing wood stain colors, most people opt for a shade of brown. But what if you want a darker color like black? You can use pigmented wood stain to stain wood black. These come in oil and water-based varieties, as well as gel and dye. Wood furniture, flooring, and decks can all be stained … Read more

How to Remove Wood Stain from Furniture

How to Remove Wood Stain from Furniture thumbnail

You finally found a furniture refinishing project that you want to get started on, but where do you start? After some simple cleaning and degreasing often your next step is removing the current finish, whether its paint, stain, or a simple topcoat the process is actually quite simple. My guide today focuses on removing stain … Read more

How Long Does Stain Take to Dry? (30 Stain Examples)

applying gel stain to drawers. Image is thumbnail and shows how "long to does stain take to dry" and also provides "list of 30 different stains".

So you are wondering how long it takes for wood stain to dry? This can be a tricky question to answer, but it’s important to know the time it takes for your stain to dry. Knowing how long the drying times are will help you plan projects better and avoid any time-consuming disasters. The problem … Read more

Can You Use Wood Filler on Laminate Furniture?

wood filler on laminate furniture guide

Laminate is an excellent affordable alternative to solid wood furniture. Unfortunately, it can get damaged quite easily. Chips, dents, and peeling edges make the furniture look very scruffy, but can you fix it? If you have experienced this problem, you may be wondering whether you can use wood filler to fix it. This article will … Read more

What Is Wood Filler Made Of? (All You Need to Know)

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Wood filler is a handy thing to have in your toolbox, it can help with a lot of woodworking projects, especially furniture makeovers. However, it’s not suitable for all repairs, and people often make mistakes because they misunderstand what wood filler is, what it is made of, and when you should use it. I am … Read more

How to Remove Wood Stain from Concrete?

How to Remove Wood Stain from Concrete?

If you’re like me and you always manage to make a mess, I feel your pain. As a furniture refinisher and painter, I am always making a mess one way or another. Whether it’s paint, glue, dirt, grease, or wood stain, I manage to make a mess of it. However, I like to make sure … Read more

Can You Put Polyurethane Over Paint?

can you paint over polyurethane

It is time to put the paintbrush away, finally. After hours of stripping, sanding, gluing, and painting you are ready to seal things up. But you are wondering what the best option is for your painted surface- can you put polyurethane over paint? Yes, you can apply both oil-based and water-based polyurethanes over paint – … Read more