How to Remove Wood Stain from Furniture

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You finally found a furniture refinishing project that you want to get started on, but where do you start? After some simple cleaning and degreasing often your next step is removing the current finish, whether its paint, stain, or a simple topcoat the process is actually quite simple. My guide today focuses on removing stain … Read more

Why You Should Sand Wood Furniture Before Painting

sanding furniture before painting

I get it, you don’t want to make a mess sanding. When you start sanding wood furniture dust is flying around in the air landing on everything and anything it can get to, and if you are working on a project in the comfort of your living room you probably want to make as little … Read more

Do You Need To Sand The Final Coat of Polyurethane?

should you sand the final coat of polyurethane

Refinishing a piece of furniture comes with many questions that you may have a hard time finding an answer to. After you get through the long process you make your way to the final steps, applying the clear coat polyurethane. However, you are now wondering if you need to sand the final coat of polyurethane? … Read more