10 Best Black Wood Stains

10 Best Black Wood Stains for refinishing wood

Staining wood black gives you a unique look but it can be hard to get right. A lot of products struggle to give you the rich color you need, especially when applied incorrectly. This guide will take you through the different types of black wood stain, with some of my recommendations for the best products. … Read more

5 Best Respirators for Refinishing Furniture in 2023

5 Best Respirators for Refinishing Furniture all in one detailed guide. This picture is me spraying paint on a dresser wearing a respirator.

Respirators are designed to protect you against fumes and dust that you could breathe in when doing DIY projects. But do you need one for refinishing and painting furniture? Yes, in many cases, it’s a good idea. This article will explain why they’re so important and give you some of my recommendations for the best … Read more

What is a Carbide Scraper? (A Detailed Guide)

what is a carbide scraper

I myself being a person who makes YouTube videos, I also like to watch a lot of YouTube videos. A while ago I found a furniture refinisher who does an amazing job restoring damaged wooden furniture. Since I refinish projects in a similar manner I thought I’d watch some videos and see what I could … Read more

HomeRight Super Finish Max Owners Review

homeright super finish max review

I finally decided to toss the HomeRight Super Finish Max into my cart and order it. I have seen this paint sprayer on YouTube too many times to not want to give it a try. After using this HVLP paint sprayer on some furniture I think it’s a great time to conduct an in-depth review … Read more

10 Best Sanders for Furniture Refinishing

sander on a piece of furniture

When it comes down to refinishing furniture having a good quality sander is more important than you think. If you aren’t sanding things by hand, which takes forever by the way, you are going to sand with an electric sander. The question you probably have in mind is “what are the best sanders for furniture … Read more