16 Black Painted Furniture Ideas

black painted furniture list of ideas

If I could only paint furniture one color for the rest of my life, it would be black. I love the modern and minimalistic look it gives a piece of furniture, plus black furniture tends to sell relatively quickly compared to others. I know when I start a new project, I jump online and search … Read more

How to Fix Chalk Paint Bleed Through on Furniture

chalk paint bleed through on furniture

After purchasing some luxury formula chalk paint we decide to prep our piece of furniture and begin to apply our paint. However, after our first coat of paint, we notice an unpleasant sight, its a yellowish-brown color, and its quite disgusting honestly. It may seem like your piece is ruined, however, this is what we … Read more

How to Paint Furniture With A Spray Gun

how to spray furniture with a spray gun HVLP

When painting furniture and you do not want to see brush strokes or any other uneven paint lines, I recommend using a spray gun to paint your furniture. I know it can feel quite intimidating to use these paint sprayers, but with a small amount of practice, you can become a pro. The easiest way … Read more

How to Clean Chalk Paint from Paint Brushes

cleaning chalk paint from a brush under running water

In 1990, Annie Sloan developed chalk paint which has become extremely popular within the last 30 years. Chalk paint is known to have a more matte finish, its name explains it pretty well, the surface almost feels as if it was chalked. It has been a recommended product to apply over old furniture to create … Read more

Discoloration in Wood Underneath Old Hardware

uneven and discoloration under hardware or drawer pulls

When refinishing old furniture, I regularly encounter new issues that I have never seen or heard of before. Yeah, it can be frustrating, annoying, and overall disappointing. Your initial plans may need tweaking or complete changes. What I have encountered now on 2 different projects is discoloration in the wood underneath the old hardware, in … Read more

How to Sand Furniture with an Electric Sander

electric sander

Sanding furniture might seem like a scary and difficult activity. However, with the proper tools and right instructions, anyone can do it. There are a number of different types of sanding equipment, but some are made better for furniture refinishing than others. Below I chose the 3 best electric sander options that are known to … Read more