3 Different Types of Paint Sprayers (The Ultimate Guide)

3 different types of paint sprayers

Paint sprayers are great if you want to save time and get a nice finish without all of the hard work. You can use them on all kinds of surfaces so they’re a good investment whether you’re painting furniture, fences, walls and ceilings, or possibly even your car. However, you need to do your research … Read more

Can You Use Wood Filler on Laminate Furniture?

wood filler on laminate furniture guide

Laminate is an excellent affordable alternative to solid wood furniture. Unfortunately, it can get damaged quite easily. Chips, dents, and peeling edges make the furniture look very scruffy, but can you fix it? If you have experienced this problem, you may be wondering whether you can use wood filler to fix it. This article will … Read more

What is a Carbide Scraper? (A Detailed Guide)

what is a carbide scraper

I myself being a person who makes YouTube videos, I also like to watch a lot of YouTube videos. A while ago I found a furniture refinisher who does an amazing job restoring damaged wooden furniture. Since I refinish projects in a similar manner I thought I’d watch some videos and see what I could … Read more

Wagner vs HomeRight | What’s the Better Paint Sprayer?

wagner vs homeright paint sprayer

You have had enough of the typical paintbrush and paint roller, you want to maximize efficiency, after some research you determine using a paint sprayer can save you time and energy. I have been down this path in the past, I have watched video after video just imagining what it would be like to get … Read more

HomeRight Super Finish Max Owners Review

homeright super finish max review

I finally decided to toss the HomeRight Super Finish Max into my cart and order it. I have seen this paint sprayer on YouTube too many times to not want to give it a try. After using this HVLP paint sprayer on some furniture I think it’s a great time to conduct an in-depth review … Read more

How to Sand Furniture with an Electric Sander

electric sander

Sanding furniture might seem like a scary and difficult activity. However, with the proper tools and right instructions, anyone can do it. There are a number of different types of sanding equipment, but some are made better for furniture refinishing than others. Below I chose the 3 best electric sander options that are known to … Read more