Can You Stain Wood Black? (Step-by-Step Guide)

When choosing wood stain colors, most people opt for a shade of brown. But what if you want a darker color like black? You can use pigmented wood stain to stain wood black. These come in oil and water-based varieties, as well as gel and dye. Wood furniture, flooring, and decks can all be stained … Read more

How Long Does Stain Take to Dry? (30 Stain Examples)

applying gel stain to drawers. Image is thumbnail and shows how "long to does stain take to dry" and also provides "list of 30 different stains".

So you are wondering how long it takes for wood stain to dry? This can be a tricky question to answer, but it’s important to know the time it takes for your stain to dry. Knowing how long the drying times are will help you plan projects better and avoid any time-consuming disasters. The problem … Read more

How to Remove Wood Stain from Concrete?

How to Remove Wood Stain from Concrete?

If you’re like me and you always manage to make a mess, I feel your pain. As a furniture refinisher and painter, I am always making a mess one way or another. Whether it’s paint, glue, dirt, grease, or wood stain, I manage to make a mess of it. However, I like to make sure … Read more

Can You Stain Over Polyurethane?

can you stain over polyurethane

You might be wondering if you could just apply stain over polyurethane, you don’t want to deal with all the stripping and sanding required to get down to the wood. Whether you were to strip or sand furniture, it is going to make a mess, so there is a trick that can save you time … Read more

How Do You Stain Furniture? (All You Need to Know)

how do you stain furniture

You want to stain some furniture but you don’t know where to start. I get it, I have been there. It is actually pretty easy when you follow the proper staining steps. Although, if you make one little mistake you could really mess up your final product. I have been staining furniture for years now … Read more

Stain Is Not Penetrating Wood (Here’s What To Do)

stain not penetrating wood

Staining wood isn’t always easy, I have had projects completely turn upside down because of issues related to wood stain. The issue with wood stain is how unpredictable it is, you can apply it to one project and you will see the beautiful grain coming through, or you can apply it and not realize the … Read more

Gel Stain vs Regular Stain | What’s the Difference?

gel stain vs regular stain

You are probably interested in staining a piece of furniture, or maybe another project of some sort. Either way, you are wondering what stain you should use and what stain is best for your project, right? You start searching for a wood stain, then you see dozens of colors, great you have options! But all … Read more

Can You Use Gel Stain on Laminate Furniture?

can you use gel stain on laminate furniture

When you start painting and refinishing furniture it is only a matter of time until numerous questions pop up in your head. You might find a piece that you can’t wait to get started on and realize it’s a laminate surface. But your design plan in your head was to add stain and you are … Read more

8 Effective Ways On How To Fix A Bad Stain Job On Wood

bad stain jobs on wood and stacked paint cans

Sometimes staining wood doesn’t go as planned, the color may not be what you hoped for or it just turned out bad. Staining wood is a super easy thing to do, but if you do not prepare correctly you might have poor results. I have had multiple staining failures flipping furniture and other DIY projects … Read more